Prospective Students


The UCLA Gender Studies Ph.D. Program is designed for students preparing to work in the intellectually rigorous atmosphere of post-secondary teaching and research.  Admission to the Ph.D. Program is highly competitive; we typically admit three to five students per year.In addition to the doctoral program, we offer a Graduate Concentration in Gender Studies for UCLA graduate students pursuing degrees in other departments.

Our courses are taught by Gender Studies faculty, including core faculty and  those who hold joint appointments in a wide variety of UCLA departments and professional schools.


For Fall 2017 admission, the deadline for application to the Ph.D. Program is December 12, 2016.  Applications should be submitted through the UCLA Graduate Division ( Admitted students are expected to enroll the following fall.  Before submitting the various parts of the application to Gender Studies and the Graduate Division of UCLA, please read all forms and instructions carefully.


The UCLA Graduate Division has launched a new application system effective this admissions cycle, so please bear with us as we face the learning curve together!  Note the following:  

  • The “Personal History Statement” is a diversity statement that accompanies the Cota Robles Fellowship.  If you are eligible, please be make sure to submit this 1-2 page statement as the guidelines indicate. 
  • The Writing Sample is uploaded on that page of the application, and all other required documents should be uploaded to the page called “Supporting Documents”, preferably in this order (not required):  Statement of Purpose, Supplementary Essay, CV
  • Eligible fee waivers will be approved after the deadline of December 12th.  In the meantime, be sure everything is uploaded to the site by that date.

Please email questions to or jenna@

Thank you for your patience!  


Prior to submitting your application, we also recommend consulting the program description, course listings, and the information provided on the UCLA Graduate Division homepage.


All individuals with a BA degree or equivalent are eligible for admission to the Gender Studies Graduate Program. To apply for the Concentration, you must be a graduate student enrolled in another UCLA department, program or professional school.  Admission to the Ph.D. Program is based upon intellectual ability, past performance and, most important, the fit between the Gender Studies graduate program and the candidate's personal and professional goals. Please identify any UCLA faculty members you are interested in working with in your Gender Studies supplementary essay.  All applications to the Ph.D. Program are reviewed by the Gender Studies Department admissions committee.  The committee considers the following factors: letters of recommendation from the applicant's former or current professors and/or supervisors or colleagues; undergraduate/MA grade point average; GRE scores; of high importance are the Statement of Purpose, Gender Studies supplementary essay and writing sample.