Graduate Students

Dalal Alfares
Research Interests:
Feminist Postcolonial Theory and Literature, Islamic Feminisms, Representations of Middle Eastern women in mainstream media, Subversive representations in alternative media (2000-present)


Amanda Apgar


Loron Bartlett
MA, Women's Studies, Georgia State University
BA, English and Women's Studies, Emory University
Research Interests
:  Black Feminist Theory, Womanist Theology, Embodiment, Media Representation, "Urban" Modeling Culture.  I am interested in Black women's literary and political engagements with intersections of race, class, gender, and sexuality and our responses to racist, sexist, and classist (post)colonial narratives.  I am also interested in teaching pedagogy, in both primary and secondary grade levels, as well as on the collegiate level.

Laura Beebe


Tina Beyene


Lina Chhun
MS, Social Psychology (Social Justice emphasis), UC Santa Cruz
BA, Women and Gender Studies (with Honors), UC Davis
BS, Psychology (with Honors), UC Davis
Research Interests: Intersection of race, class, gender, and sexuality, especially as it pertains to the study of trauma, violence, and memory.  Current research explores the relationships between cultural memory, collective and historical violence, narrative, complex subjectivities, healing, and experiences regarding the Cambodian Genocide.


Naazneen Diwan


Kolleen Duley
JD, UCLA School of Law
PhD Candidate, Gender Studies, UCLA
Research Interests
: Activism and research focuses on race and gender formations, criminality and incarceration with an emphasis on remedial law and community justice strategy. Her dissertation examines and critiques movements to pursue "gender responsive" prisons. She explores tensions between primary gender-based reforms and intersectional strategies to suggest that the latter can better confront the multiple axes of oppression facing women prisoners. Reform ought to be abolition-based, she argues, in order to address harm yet lessen (rather than expand) reliance on discriminatory practices associated with prisons and state sponsored punishment in the US.


Freda Fair

PhD Candidate
MA, Gender Studies, UCLA
BA, American Studies: Critical Racial Formations with minors in Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Spanish, and African American Studies, Macalester College
Research Interests
: Black Feminist Epistemologies, Queer of Color Critique, Visual Cultural Studies, and Midwest Racial Formations and Deindustrial Capital

My dissertation research examines feminist and queer of color visual and textual cultural production, issues of labor and biopolitics, and the ways in which contemporary manifestations eugenics and biological racism shape queer of color aesthetics and communities primarily in the Midwest of the United States. My work at UCLA has been informed by my work in contemporary art museum education, and community and social movement work and support.

Fred Ariel Hernandez


Savannah Kilner


Jacob Lau
MTS, Harvard Divinity School
BA, UC Berkeley, English with minors in Music and LGBT Studies
Research Interests
: Queer of Color Critique, Queer Studies in particular: Transgender History, Memoir and Theory, Embodiment, Postcolonial Theory, Critical Race Theory, Gender and Racial Hybridity, Feminist Theology, Process Philosophy


Jessica Martinez
MS, Women's Studies, Minnesota State University, Mankato
BA, Women's Studies, Metropolitan State University, Saint Paul
Research Interests
: I am primarily interested in the raced/classed/gendered post 9/11 discourses of American nationalism and grief. Other interests include pop culture, media studies, violence against women and children, feminist pedagogy and activism.


Naveen Minai
BA (Hons) Politics with a Minor (Communication and Media Studies), Loughborough University, England.
Research Interests
: Gender, sexuality, sex, race and class, especially in South Asia; deconstruction and reconstruction, and intersectionality of identity elements and politics; sustainable community development and human rights; feminist and queer theories and movements around the world, especially in the 'Global South'.


Esha Momeni
MA in Mass Communication, California State University at Northridge
BA in Graphic Design, Azad University School of Art and Architecture, Tehran


Angela Robinson
M.A., Women and Gender Studies, San Francisco State University
B.A., Women's Studies, Portland State University
Research Interests
: Indigenous Studies, Pacific/Oceania Studies, Queer Theory, Queer of Color Critique, Settler Colonialism, Genocide, Theories of Temporality and Futurity, Affect Studies, Postcolonial Theory, Cultural Studies, Theories of Resistance


Stephanie Santos
PhD Candidate
BA, University of the Philippines, Diliman

MA, New York University
Research Interests
: Critical Development Studies, Southeast Asian Studies, Postcolonial and Transnational Feminisms, Critical Filipino Studies, Asian American Studies

My dissertation examines contemporary discourses of governmentality and development in the Philippines to trace how the Philippine state crafts restrictive forms of economic citizenship that co-opt vulnerable Filipina women into the flows of global capital. I study the mechanics through which rapid industrialization policies render vulnerable populations as surplus. I also examine how the Philippine state naturalizes neoliberal values via official economic development discourse and hegemonic cultural production and how indigenous Filipina activists are producing counterhegemonic discourses that build upon their epistemes of development and belonging.


Rana Sharif
Research Interests: Focus on the lives of women in Palestine as their daily temporal and spatial negotiations reconstitute definitions of time and space, resulting in critical investigations of political activism, gender, race/ethnicity, class, and power.  My investment in the everyday hopes to capture the delicate moments that, when pieced together, produce life.  Despite living fragmented lives, both literally and figuratively, Palestinian women constantly shift, re-shift, center and re-center all claims to normalcy and/or habitual routine.


Preeti Sharma
M.A., Asian American Studies, UCLA (2008)
B.A., English and Women's Studies, UF (2006)
Research Interests: Gendered labor and service economies, immigration enforcement policies, worker centers and immigrant community-based organizations, women of color feminisms, Asian American Studies, South Asian diasporas.
Dissertation Focus: emotional, intimate, and affective labor in South Asian threading salons in Los Angeles, in the context of growing service economies, immigration policies, and neoliberal policies.


Gitanjali (Gina) Singh
M.A., UCLA, Asian American Studies, 2004 (Honors)
B.A., Loyola Marymount University, Urban Studies, Women and Asian American Studies, 2000
Research Interests: Constructions of Sikhism, mothers and daughters in temple spaces, impacts of genocidal violences, transnational and diasporic hybridity, split subjectivities, social creations of Sikh women and girls in the United States

Yamissette Westerband

Rahel Woldegaber


Melissa Whitley

Wendsor (Wendi) Yamashita